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In 2014 over 50 local people in Newborough and district got together in a big meeting to think about how to use Newborough Forest more for the local community. We decided that one way was to create a community woodland so that we could start doing more in the woodland. Since then we’ve worked really hard to make sure that 50 acres of the woodland is now managed by the community. We did this by creating a community woodland group, which is called the Llyn Parc Mawr Community Woodland Group! Its important to remember that this group is for everyone in the local community so we would love you to get involved if you want. There is so much to do and there are lots of exciting developments so get in touch and get involved, these woodlands are for you!


We work to make the forest better by working with the trees and animals in the woods. If you would like to come and help that would be great. We also have events so that people can come and enjoy the forest with their families and be happy! We plant trees, we clear invasive weeds, we hold events, we run bug hunts, moth walks, hold barbecues, apply for grants, run a forest school, build dens, feed red squirrels and birds, clear litter, build things like our own wooden buildings and a yurt, have awareness days, attend exhibitions, talk to people about the wood, do surveys of what is there now, put up a noticeboard, write a newsletter, mend fences, spot unsafe trees and get them cut down, meet the landlord regularly, spend a lot of time talking about things we could do, go to meetings with other woodland groups, operate this web site, keep Facebook up to date, show groups round - loads to do!


At the moment we are working really hard to get 7 years funding from the Big Lottery so that almost all of your ideas for the woodland can be turned into reality. This is exciting because there are lots of ideas and this grant will help us do what is most important and most urgent for us as a community. We are putting a plan together in October and November 2016 and welcome all input from people in the district. We want to make sure that we have your ideas of what you want to happen at your woodland so please share them. The Committee meet every Wednesday so send us an e mail, write us a letter, ask for a visit from one of us and come to our next 'Connecting' event with Red Squirrels and Halloween activities - (free food and tell us what is good or could be better)!


You can become a member and even a committee member if you want. You can volunteer with all of the activities mentioned above or simply use the woodland for walking the dog, picking blackberries, looking at the lake, planting trees, photographing birds and squirrels, or just getting outside into a peaceful environment. We want you to share your ideas. We would like to include you on the email event and information list or just encourage you to check out the noticeboard at the woodland or check the social media sites. Thank you for reading this introduction – please enjoy the rest of the web site and of course the Woodland and lake.


we are very grateful to the following people for the guidance and experience they are sharing with us to revitalise our community woodland...
Tim Peters

Tree knowledge

Melissa Dhillon

Education Officer

Richard Boyce

Woodlands Works Manager

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