Straeon am Niwbwrch / Stories of Newborough

We’re creating a new local community/social history project: Stories of Newborough Forest!

As many of you know,the purpose of Llyn Parc Mawr Community Woodland Group (constituted 2015) is to establish Llyn Parc Mawr as a sustainable woodland that benefits both wildlife and the community of Newborough and District.

A new project in our five-year National Lottery-funded plan (Connecting Communities and Nature, creating a sustainable woodland space for all) will celebrate a special part of our local culture and heritage.

Stories of Newborough Forest Project It was more than 60 years ago when Newborough Forest was conceived and created, and we want to find and share local community memories connected to the forest to tell the stories of all the local people with strong historic/present links to the forest.

We want to gather photographs and archives linked to the forest, and explore its history from early planting (d’you remember playing in the dunes before the first trees appeared?) to subsequent management of Newborough Forest (especially Llyn Parc Mawr).

All the stories, photographs and videos will be gathered to highlight this important part of the community’s history and celebrate its cultural and natural heritage. We’re planning an exhibition and community event in March 2020 that will evoke past memories and stimulate discussion about the community’s relationship with the forest now and in the future.

We all know how easy it can be to forget to gather local and community stories, and then realise we may have lost them forever. So our aim is to talk with everyone who has any memories of the forest – whether you remember or were involved in the early plans and work, or if your grandparent or parents still tell stories of that time, more than half a century ago. Perhaps some old tools are still in the shed? Or old movies in the attic? Or, you’ve grown up with the forest, and now share it with your children? We want to hear/see it all!

So, if you have any memories or stories, photos, movies or objects relating to the past 60+ years of Newborough Forest, please share them with us, to make sure they’ll be included in the March 2020 exhibition. Or, you may also simply have an interest in this project and want to get involved. If so please get in touch:


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